Tole Rib curve

The roofing is bent to form a dome on a part or all of the length of square wave corrugated sheet with a radius of 250 mm to 25 meters depending on the design requirements. Where the radius of curvature of the dome is greater than 25 meters, it can bend itself without the need for machining for other types of sheet less than 0.50 mm thick.

1. The entire length of the sheet metal: Roller dome


    - The maximum radius of the recommended dome is R = 80 meters to allow perfect drainage near the top of the curved roof.

    - The joints along the edge of the sheet metal (overlap H1) should be fastened with viscosity and glue recommended by the company Nippovina. If the joints of the plate ends together (large dome must be divided into many lines), these joints should not be placed at the top of the dome.

- Formula R, the length of the plate bound by width, height and angle in the center.

     If the design of the roof or an application requires corrugated sheeting to be bent with radii less than the minimum value in Table 1, the sheet must be bent by crimping.

2. The dome part of the sheet metal length: the dome.

     Corrugated sheets can be bent to form a 3/4 circle, but for bending along the edge of a sheet only a maximum of 1/2 is required.

     When both ends are bent, the straight section between the two curved panels should be maximized:

     In order to facilitate ease of transport as well as create maximum safety for curved sheets, the maximum height and maximum length of the sheet should be:

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